Mandina's was one of the many New Orleans'
businesses committed to re-opening post-Hurricane Katrina.

Natural Hazards Plan Development

Powell Lawson Consulting works with businesses and municipalities to develop a comprehensive hazards plan to address a single hazard, such as flood or drought, or all hazards. You may be more familiar with the term(s) emergency plan, emergency response plan, contingency plan, evacuation plan, mitigation plan, business continuity plan, and crisis management plan, each of which addresses a component of a comprehensive hazards plan. A comprehensive hazards plan consists of two components, preparation and response, broken into three categories: preparation, mitigation, and recovery/remediation to improve the disaster resiliency of the entity.

Natural Hazards Educational Products

Communication of your hazards plan to your staff or residents is of the utmost importance. Whether you need to communicate what to do to a K-12 audience, senior citizens, a diverse staff of college interns to senior VPs, or another population, Powell Lawson Consulting will combine the latest techniques in hazards communications, public relations, and instructional design ensure your audience knows how to best respond to a hazard. PLC will work with you to determine the best medium to communicate your message: brochure, fact sheet, newsletter, public service announcement (radio, TV, or online video), Web site, or a combination of these, then design it.

Business Continuity Plan Development

For a business, a natural hazard spells disaster if it means business can't carry on as usual. Powell Lawson Consulting works with businesses of all sizes to craft reasonable, realistic, and cost effective business continuity plans applicable to any situation requiring a divergence from standard operating procedures, whether caused by a natural or man-made event.

Business Continuity Implementation

Some businesses have neither the staff nor the specialty to construct the necessary elements, such as a wide scale virtual office or an employee training program. Powell Lawson Consulting will design and implement those necessary elements for continued function of your company.